Firmenname: P.M.R. System Group S.r.l.
Strasse: Via Bertacciola 41
PLZ / Ort: IT-20813 Bovisio Masciago (MI)
Telefon: +39 0362 594502 Postfach:
Telefax: +39 0362 594485 Postfach-PLZ:
E-Mail: pmr@pmr.it
Homepage: http://www.pmr.it
PMR GROUP Ltd., for over 40 years, offers packaging solutions for high reliability and technological innovation as a result of our know - how made ​​in Italy and Europe.

To date, the constant technical development - business allows us to bring together in one aspect of the design, manufacture, sales and technical support with new protection formulas to Italy and the world.
The wide range of proposals PMR is directed to the entirety of the productive sectors and responds to various technical needs of an increasingly diverse and specific.
COSMETICS - FOOD - CHEMICAL - DETERGENT - PHARMACEUTICAL - TECH - BUSINESS SERVICES - BUILDING, we're not allowed any business district; all'artigianale industrialist, from serial to the prototype, a viable solution for everyone, even custom-made and strictly dedicated to you.
Small, Medium, Large Industries, for our group the importance and value of a project is the same, without distinction of any kind.

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Füll-/Packmaschinen für Verpackungen aus / Kunststoff
Füll-/Packmaschinen für Verpackungen aus / Glas und Keramik
Spezielle Füll-/packmaschinen für / Lebens- und Genussmittel
Spezielle Füll-/packmaschinen für / Getränke
Verschiessmaschinen für Verpackungen aus / Kunststoff
Verschiessmaschinen für Verpackungen aus / Glas und Keramik
Spezielle Verschliessmaschinen für / Lebens- und Genussmittel
Spezielle Verschliessmaschinen für / Getränke
Verpackungshilfsmittel, Geräte und Hilfsmaschinen / Verschliessgeräte
Kennzeichnung und Kontrolle / Etikettendrucker
Kennzeichnung und Kontrolle / Etikettiermaschinen/-systeme

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