Firmenname: Plastic Conveyor System, S.L.
Strasse: P.I. EL Oliveral, CID. Parc 2-3
PLZ / Ort: ES-46190 Ribarroja de Turia
Telefon: +34 960 805 310 Postfach:
Telefax: +34 961 668 693 Postfach-PLZ:
Plastic Conveyor System S.L. (PCS®), is a Spanish company and was created in order to develop in an industrial way series of products that can offer to the market a valid alternative that would respond to their requirements, in all the cases when the characteristics of its processes allow and advise the uses of conveyor plastic belts of modular conception.

Designed and made in Spain, our different series of products offer many alternatives for applications in a great number of industrial sectors linked with food and other various domains. Their modular conception allows to develop almost endless applications of special conception for concrete requirements.

The other companies of YUK Group are certified ISO 9001 and are specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of roller chains, conveyor chains, PVC and PU belts, gearboxes… Our wide range of products allows us to offer solutions for all kinds of industrial and logistic uses.

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