Firmenname: Clip-Lok SimPak (Scandinavia) ApS
Strasse: Solvang 25
PLZ / Ort: DAN-3450 Allerød
Telefon: +45 48 143778 Postfach:
Telefax: +45 48 143483 Postfach-PLZ:
Clip-Lok SimPak® is a cost-saving packaging system. Our reusable, collapsible plywood cases, tailor-made for every cargo, have proved their superior cost-efficiency and reliability for more than two decades. Investment payback is often within three trips. Clip-Lok advantages over other packaging systems are many: - Re-usable – typically over 100 transports with normal handling. - Stackable erect or flatpacked, saving space and eliminating racking costs. - Collapsible to minimize return shipping costs. - No waste disposal costs at the end of each trip. - Low cost maintenance with simple replacement of components. - Customized designs provide optimum protection of goods and reduce breakages. - Quick and easy to assemble without special tools or power.

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