Firmenname: Afa Dispensing Group B.V.
Strasse: Herikerbergweg 286
PLZ / Ort: NL-1101 CT Amsterdam
Telefon: +31 205 633 001 Postfach:
Telefax: +31 205 633 009 Postfach-PLZ:
Afa Dispensing Group (Afa) is a world leader in technologically advanced liquid dispensing systems. In a market where most dispensing pumps are fast becoming commodities, branded products are facing increased competition from private labels. Afa provides the solution by applying its proprietary technologies as a technical platform for developing new ways to dispense all types of liquids, beverages, soft food products and other fluids. Afa offers customers a one-stop solution through world-class research and development, mass production capabilities in Europe and China coupled with logistic support and extensive customer service provided before, during and after the customer’s first engagement with Afa.

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